Due to changes in the setup of queues in RabbitMQ (see OC-812), it’s best to completely remove the RabbitMQ docker container you were using with previous versions before running (either in dev or docker mode) version 1.2.0.RELEASE. This won’t cause any data loss as cards are stored in MongoDB.

1. Issue

  • [OC-835] Remove lttd from feed sorts and make publication date sort (rather than severity then publication date) the default

    Now, the toggle button introduced by OC-624 lets the users choose between :

    • by publication date (newest at the top) (default)

    • by severity then publication date

      Resolved OC-771, OC-766 and OC-820

2. Bug

  • [OC-799] Show date when timeline is on 1 day

  • [OC-791] Add translation mechanism for timeline buttons

  • [OC-816] API testing - User update (PUT) - error "500" NullPointerException instead of "'400" BAD_REQUEST

  • [OC-360] On very wide screens, the filter panel at the top of the feed appears wider than the cards below it.

  • [OC-648] API testing - Group fetching - wrong response when fetching information about an existing group

  • [OC-709] Change card update mechanism in Mongo : if we removed a field in the new card , for certain fields it was conserved from the old version in MongoDB , it is now deleted which is the wanted behavior

3. Task

  • [OC-753] Add API tests with karate DSL

  • [OC-798] Remove Pulse mechanism in UI and unused UI option operatorfabric.feed.timeFilter.followClockTick

  • [OC-801] Allow for custom certification authorities or certificates

    See the relevant section of the deployment documentation for details

  • [OC-819] Solve Sonar Issues

  • [OC-812] Refactor sending card via rabbit queue "GROUP"

  • [OC-818] Implement automatic logout when token expired (code flow authentication mode )

  • [OC-814] Remove registry and configuration microservice for action service

    •  Actions service is now configured with it’s own application.yml (or application-docker.yml) configuration file.

    •  Client-gateway service need to be configured manually to reach the actions service. See the client gateway configuration for details.

    • The deploy docker-compose now sets predefined names for its containers ("users" rather than "deploy_users_1" for example). These names match the ones defined in the application-docker.yml file of the Actions service.