1. Issue

Group data model has changed.
Please do take a look at the Users API documentation (groups section) : opfab.github.io/documentation/current/api/users/#/groups
Now, Group data model is :

    id*         string
    name        string
    description string

Please, in the config service, make sure to modify the file users.yml, replacing the field "name" by "id", so that the Groups objects contain the mandatory field id.

  • adds a new docker configuration for development purpose : ${OF_HOME}/src/main/docker/dev-environment/docker-compose.yml
    this folder contains also a grayscale version of the favicon. It’s helping to distinguish this environment from deploy one.
    To force favicon refresh use CTRL+F5 in the browser.
    Use this configuration when developing on OperatorFabric instead of test-environment as before.

  • removes keycloak container from ${OF_HOME}/src/main/docker/test-environment/docker-compose.yml.
    Clean your docker environment with adding an --remove-orphans option to your next docker-compose usage.

  • removes container-name`s from `docker-compose.yml files for keycloak, mongodb and rabbitmq docker service definitions.

  • [OC-733] As an administrator I would like to be able to customize the icon on the title bar of the browser

cf Web-ui README.adoc, or the chapter Development environment of Setting up your development environment within Development Environment documentation, or the entry about [OC-744] of this current file.

  • [OC-748] Remove button "log in using keyCloak", go directly to login page

  • [OC-738] Add a group perimeter object in the user service

Work is still in progress. The object is not usable at the moment.

  • [OC-877] User Service : Implement endpoint GET /CurrentUserWithPerimeters

Work is still in progress. The endpoint is not usable at the moment.

2. Bug

  • [OC-414] Issue with using user data in templates

  • [OC-857] Users - PUT /groups/{id}/users doesn’t delete former group members

  • [OC-883] Need a click on button "log in using keyCloak" after login in implicit mode

3. Task

  • [OC-846] Update documentation for "OC-737 : Add an object entity in the user service"

  • [OC-858] Refactoring UI Timeline code for circle content and position computing

  • [OC-870] Refactoring cardWriteSerice class in cardPublication service

  • [OC-869] Small improvements in karate test

  • [OC-658] gradle assemble shouldn’t run the ui unit tests

  • [OC-878] remove unnecessary utilities time classes

  • [OC-547] remove unnecessary UI test

  • [OC-880] modify KeyCloak configuration to facilitate dev

  • [OC-882] Remove unused publishTestData method in cardConsultation service