1. Issues

  • UI Improvements :

    • [OC-868] As an admin I would like to be able to hide the time filter

    • [OC-864] As a user I want to be able to reset archives filters so I can change my search criteria

    • [OC-402] As an Operator I want the archive screen to display an explicit message if no cards are found that match my filters

    • [OC-939] Synchronize timeline with feed (When a filter is set in the feed, it is applied to the timeline as well (severity, tags or business period))

    • [OC-947] As a user I want to be able to click on the links in the bubble so that i can display the related card on the feed

    • [OC-945] Add a spinning icon when connection with server is lost

    • [OC-972] Add charts functionality in template

      It uses charts.js library, templates as example can be found in src/test/utils/karate/thirds/resources/bundle_api_test

  • Work in progress for the "Smart notification" epic ( [OC-871][OC-872][OC-873][OC-874][OC-875][OC-881][OC-900][OC-913][OC-916][OC-917] )

    It is now possible for the user to reply to a card, the response is sent back to an external app.

    Work is in progress, it is not documented and usable yet in production.

  • Work in progress for the "Routing" epic

    • [OC-885] User Service : Perimeter model evolution

    • [OC-876] User Service : Implement group in JWT Token Option

    • [OC-742] When sending a card to an entity , use the group perimeter to send to the good users

      Work is in progress, it is not documented and usable yet in production.

  • Remove old action feature (front and back) ([OC-960][OC-961][OC-962])

    This feature was not fully operational and is now replaced by the smart notification feature

  • Remove Netflix stack ([OC-670][OC-836][OC-837][OC-838][OC-839][OC-971][OC-895][OC-906][OC-983][OC-996]) :

    • remove registry/configuration components

    • replace gateway with NGINX

    • remove all calls from business services to registry and configuration components

    • adapt documentation

    • UI configuration is now done via a json file (web-ui.json) instead of a yaml file (web-ui.yml). Before upgrading, you should save a copy of your web-ui.json to back-up custom changes.

    • As there is no configuration server anymore, the content of services configuration files has changed, check the documentation and/or see default configuration files in dev/docker folders under config. We also took this as an opportunity to rearrange our docker-compose files so see the updated documentation on launching OperatorFabric.

  • Work in progress for the "Acknowledgment" epic ([OC-920],[OC-921],[OC-944],[OC-976],[OC-977])

    The backend code for the acknowledgment feature is ready. Front to be done.

    Work is in progress, it is not documented and usable yet in production.

2. Bugs

  • [OC-772] Bug on archives screen: clear results when exiting archive page

  • [OC-898] In implicit mode, first name and last name are not displayed

  • [OC-775] Bug on archives screen: cards details remain displayed when selecting another criteria that doesn’t return any result

3. Tasks

  • [OC-892] Add in documentation that it is not possible to use dot in json field names

  • [OC-845] Implement Git flow as our contribution and release workflow

    We have transitioned from a GitHub flow to a Git flow. See the documentation to see how it impacted our CICD pipeline and how it translate into our contribution workflow (submitting a pull request etc.).

    Now, the current state of developments is pushed daily to Docker Hub with the tag SNAPSHOT (rather than snapshot as before).

  • [OC-888][OC-692][OC-973] Fix SonarCloud issues

  • [OC-891] Removed unused field mainRecipient

  • [OC-896] Update getting started with 1.3.0.RELEASE and change getToken script

  • [OC-899] Use SNAPSHOT version on develop branch for docker and dev environment docker-compose

    When working on branch develop, the docker-compose files will rely on SNAPSHOT docker images generated daily. This lets you test OperatorFabric with the latest merged code. If you’re interested in running a particular release on the other hand, you should checkout the associated X.X.X.RELEASE tag on master.

  • [OC-907] Remove Keycloak from test-quality-environment docker-compose

  • [OC-909] Simplify third menu code (Front)

  • [OC-911] Changing sounds due to incompatible license

  • [OC-897] Thirds service - added operation delete for the resource thirds

  • [OC-904] Thirds service - added delete version of a third, minor changes on general sync working

  • [OC-943] Add a gradle task to launch sonar analysis

  • [OC-535] Make bin/run_all.sh working even if not in the root directory

  • [OC-954] Add name field for process/state and color for state in third

  • [OC-957] Field recipient in card should be optional