1. Features

  • [OC-968] Add UI alert via a clock when ltdd time is approaching

  • [OC-967] When showing an action card with responses , view the list of entity that had respond or not in the top of the card

  • [OC-1098] When opening an external app in an iframe from business menu, the night/day mode (or style) is passed in the request via a param in the GET Request. When the user switch the mode, the iframe is reloaded

  • [OC-1116] Init hours and minutes to 00:00 in feed time filter instead of blank field

  • [OC-1121] New ack icons in feed filter

Experimental features:

  • [OC-1056] View card in an agenda style screen

  • Monitoring and logging screens

    • [OC-1076] Add a filter to see only relevant process in monitoring and logging screen. Relevant processes are configured in the config.json of each process

    • [OC-1079] Adjust Monitoring and Logging pages

    • [OC-1118] Adds publisher type to cards and sets it to ENTITY when user card end point called and to EXTERNAL otherwise

    • [OC-1119] Displays entity as sender in logging page for ENTITY publisher type

    • [OC-1074] Implements new share multi-choice component

2. Tasks

  • [OC-419] Correcting Publication Service Documentation (User Guide)

  • [OC-1080] When user has no right to respond to a card , instead of not showing response button , disable it

  • [OC-1095] UI - Load i18n for all processes at startup

  • [OC-1097] Remove unused vps env configuration

  • [OC-1082] UI - Remove use of method askUserApplicationRegistered

  • [OC-1072] UI - Load All Entities information in the UI when user is starting OpFab

  • [OC-867] UI - Change time filter label, depending on the timeline hidden or not

  • [OC-1094] Add write access for defaultprocess with state message in standard config and bundle cleaning

  • SSE permanent connection for notification

    • [OC-1096] Add an heartbeat mechanism to avoid setting long timeout in nginx and to be compatible with the use of external proxies

    • [OC-1122] "Robustify" reconnection mechanism when losing connection

  • [OC-1081] Add documentation for lttd and default config value for secondsBeforeLttdForClockDisplay

  • [OC-1124] Refactor card detail component to avoid unnecessary processing

  • [OC-1129] Modify storage directory for bundle in docker reference configuration (in config/docker)

  • [OC-1128] Add state as mandatory information in documentation

3. Bugs

  • [OC-1125] Card are sometimes not marked as read