1. Features

2. Tasks

  • Configuration :

  • Refactoring :

    • [OC-1184] Refactors card-detail implementation

    • [OC-1155] Optimize loading card from the UI

    • [OC-1137] Improve UI initialization

    • [OC-411] Remove unused property deletionDate

  • Documentation :

    • [OC-1156] Add in documentation : How to check regression of a branch

  • Miscellaneous

    • [OC-1078] Implement notion of processGroup (WIP)

    • [OC-1147] Displays modal in full screen and upgrade boostrap and other libraries

    • [OC-1157] Colors modifications for day mode

3. Bugs

  • [OC-1149] Remove error in card detail

  • [OC-1175] Correct bug in datePicker : after opening the calendar, when clicking outside, the calendar shall disappear

  • [OC-1162] For the archives result, the tags and the processes chosen are not considered

  • [OC-1171] Load all translations during startup phase (Solve problem of translation after F5 action on admin screen)

  • [OC-1107] Lttd - only minutes and seconds are displayed in the countdown