1. Overview

We decided to make this a major version because in addition to providing new features, it also substancially changes (and hopefully improves!) the user experience (new global style for the UI and layout changes for some screens).

The following features introduced as beta in previous versions are now production-ready:

  • User Cards

  • Agenda

  • Logging

  • Monitoring

This version also introduces a notification filter management interface for users (see below for details).

2. Features

  • Filter notification screen for user (OC-1218, OC-1219, OC-1275, OC-1360): users can now filter the card they received in the feed with a configuration screen accessible throught the right menu

  • Events representation in time (OC-1241, OC-1242, OC-1299): handle repeating events & remove bubble for business period end.

  • [OC-1229] Send card to user using group of entities

  • [OC-1272] Add the possibility to show ack button only if action is disabled for the user. In consequence, the configuration of the acknowledgement feature has changed (see migration documentation).

  • [OC-1277] Add the possibility to set business menu visibility depending on group membership (see documentation)

  • [OC-1289] Do not show child cards on the UI archive panel

  • [OC-1200] Add update reponse button when there is already a reponse for the entity

  • User cards (Free Message) (OC-1279, OC-1295, OC-1195): feature enhancement and changes to the card-sending form

3. Tasks

3.1. Technical

  • [OC-1060] Upgrade to Java 11

  • [OC-1285] Update backend dependencies to last versions

  • [OC-824] DockerTagSnapshot task shouldn’t tag latest as well

3.2. Documentation

  • [OC-1206] Add config parameters for date and time rendering in the documentation

  • [OC-1234] Update documentation regarding entities and groups description

  • [OC-1286] Updated Kafka documentation

  • [OC-840], [OC-1298] Modify Getting Started documentation

  • [OC-1256] Add documentation for groups of entities

  • [OC-1101] Add user card documentation

  • [OC-1139] Add in documentation : describe notion of processes groups

3.3. Misc

  • [OC-1250] Make externalRecipients-url param in cards-publication.yml not mandatory

  • [OC-1276] Remove double state definition in process endpoint

  • [OC-1183] Set login to lowercase

  • [OC-1309] Template communication improvement

4. Bugs

  • [OC-1355] Bug in creation/edit user with multiselect component

  • [OC-1363] Start UI even if no processes defined (add a warning in the log)

  • [OC-654] Correct deprecated code in cards-consultation