1. Features

  • OC-1395 : When user exits the feed screen or exits operator fabric his filters/sorts options are memorized, when he goes back the filters/sorts options are set to the memorized values.

  • OC-1399 : Notification Screen - Display the states, process and process groups in alphabetical order

  • OC-1438 : Add the possibility to show environment name in the top right corner

  • OC-1201 : Inform the template when lttd has expired

  • OC-1396 : Communicate to the template the screen size calling setScreenSize() method

  • OC-1400 : Add "service" field in the free message feature

  • OC-1270 : Timeline circles : open popover on mouseover

  • OC-964 : Deal with user in more than one entity

    Now if the entity to respond with cannot be resolved because a user is a member of several entities that are allowed to respond to a card, the response action is disabled.

  • OC-1431 - Display names rather than IDs for entities/groups in the users table (Administration)

2. Bugs

  • OC-1428 : Fix bug on Feed Filter when setting only date and not time

  • OC-1436 : Error message does not appear correctly in usercard

  • OC-1452 : Translation error : criticity → criticality

  • OC-890 : When using PASSWORD flow, once the token is expired the user isn’t notified

  • OC-1472 : Card detail show last seen card for few instants before showing the selected card (rework of OC-1419)

  • OC-1347 : Fix bug with keepChildCards default value

  • OC-1459 : Admin - Propagate entity/group update to users

  • OC-1469 : Fix Bug - publisherType not set to external when receiving a card via card endPoint

  • OC-1478 : Fix Bug in calendar day mode when event spans multiple days

  • OC-1489 : Fix bug on delayed display of countdown counter

  • OC-1425 : Export data : title of the columns are not translated

  • OC-1496 : Admin UI : In day mode : when trying to delete user/group/entity, popup is displayed in night mode

3. Tasks

  • OC-1283 : Allow external config location for docker-compose

    This can be useful to avoid committing test or demo-specific configuration. See documentation.

  • OC-1361 : Remove old notification feature via the browser

  • OC-1407 : Remove detailTitle in bundle config → the title of the card always comes from the title field of the card

    Please remove detailTitle properties from your bundles.
  • Rework of the admin screen (OC-1191, OC-1434, OC-1457)

  • Upgrade Angular from v8.2 to v10.2 and related tasks (OC-1061, OC-1392, OC-1437, OC-1468)

    This shouldn’t have any impact for deployments using docker. If you need to build the UI however, you need to run "npm install" first to get the new dependencies. We found it best to delete the node_modules folder before running npm_install to avoid errors. In addition, see the documentation to troubleshoot any errors.
  • OC-1409 : When pushing the process group file check for duplicate processes

  • OC-1430 : Adapt api testing script to first stop and remove existing containers

  • OC-1447 : Introduce notion of type of state

  • Documentation updates (OC-1427, OC-1429)

  • OC-1083 : Refactoring of NGNX endpoints for groups and entities : "/users/entities" instead of "/entities" and "/users/groups" instead of "/groups"

  • OC-1439 : New archives screen filters