1. Features

  • OC-1602 : Add delete cards endpoint to delete multiple cards by date criteria

  • OC-1636 : UserCard : Choose the first service in the list by default

  • OC-1652 : Admin screen : permit to create logins of 3 characters

Visual changes
  • OC-1609 : Confirmation popups : harmonize size for text and title

  • OC-1613 : Confirmation popup shall be in the middle of the screen

  • OC-1657 : Card deletion result should be displayed with an alert message instead of popover

2. Bugs

Administration screen
  • OC-1621 : Admin UI - When deleting a Perimeter remove from cache as well

  • OC-1634 : When changing perimeter attached to a group it is not propagated to the card-publication service

User cards
  • OC-1624 : Card preview in user card shall not set the template in full screen mode

  • OC-1644 : When only one process is accessible to usercard , it does not work

  • OC-1674 : Editing a usercard : multi-select component for state field is not set with the right value

Feed screen
  • OC-1623 : Fix bug when removing a timeline domain from web-ui configuration

  • OC-1641 : When card selected in the feed is updated, it should stay unread

  • OC-1604 : Acknowledge all cards : manage states with acknowledgmentAllowed set to "OnlyWhenResponseDisabledForUser"

  • OC-1654 : After an update of a question card, the entities that have already answered shall be orange in card header

    The entities will be marked in green only once they give an answer to the updated version of card.
  • OC-1627 : Tasks card example does not fill the repetition date, duration and hour/min when editing the card

  • OC-1607 : Remove reactive code from card publication and solve a bug (hang of HTTP requests)

    This changes things for card-sending endpoints (see the migration guide)
  • OC-1585 : Authorization mode 'NONE' fix with CardService and Perimeters.

3. Tasks

Cypress testing
  • OC-1635 : Allow Cypress tests to run with ng serve

  • OC-1640 : Implement basic test plan as Cypress test using resources scripts

Documentation and examples
  • OC-1625 : Usercard process template example : store in the card data the status value

  • OC-1622 : Set a value for state.description fields in all card examples

CI and refactoring
  • OC-1630 : Adding package-lock.json to git for npm ci

    From now on, to build the ui:

    If you have changed anything in the package.json, use npm install to install/update the dependency and update the package-lock.json accordingly.

    If you just want to reproduce the current state of the ui, use npm ci instead: it will clear node_modules and install dependencies using the versions stated in package-lock.json, ensuring that what your local development environment is identical to what’s being built on the CI/CD pipeline.

  • OC-1611 : Remove core-js dependency

  • OC-1656 : user.service.ts : rework isCurrentUserAdmin() and isCurrentUserInAnyGroup()

  • OC-1661 : Removing inconsistent tooling configuration and changing gradle node plugin

  • OC-1664 : UI tests - removal of unused class ProcessesServiceMock