1. Features

  • UserCard

    • OC-1584 : Permit to have a restricted list of recipients

    • OC-1682 : Let the possibility to have no recipient

  • Monitoring

    • OC-1692 : Monitoring screen - set text color for Process Status value

    • OC-1442 : Add the possibility to have a specific export format in monitoring
      See the documentation for details on how to configure it.

  • Tech

    • OC-1649 : New handlebars helper : replace character

    • OC-1648 : Add an option for control of IP address for user access (WIP)

    • OC-255, OC-1513 : Making the client library available in Maven Central

      Starting from this release, you can now pull the client library as a regular dependency rather than building the jar locally. The clientApp example is now relying on these published jars.

  • UI:

    • OC-1612 : Improve design for very small screen

    • OC-1653 : See on feed when there is a response form the entity of the user

  • Misc :

    • OC-1639 : Add option to use user perimeter to populate services/process/state list in archives/logging/monitoring/feedconfiguration

    • OC-1655 : Add representative concept when sending card

2. Bugs

  • OC-1673 : Editing a usercard : a wrong template is loaded at the beginning of display

  • OC-1684 : Bug in usercard preview when displaying a lot of recipients

  • OC-1704 : Correct bug when displaying feed on mobile phone

  • OC-1715 : Acknowledging a card shouldn’t trigger sound

3. Tasks

  • OC-1659 : Refactoring DetailComponent for using functions of new UI service "ActionService"

  • OC-1646 : Change the response of the card creation endpoint

    Please see our migration guide
  • OC-1690 : Improve card detail view when state or process does not exist

  • OC-1619 : Remove "recipient" deprecated card field

    This deprecated field is now deleted, so please see our migration guide
  • OC-1693 : Add an option that waits for opfab to start in run_all.sh

  • OC-1577 : Documentation - add an example for routing card with perimeter

  • OC-1696 : Name and surname should not be mandatory in admin screen

  • OC-1670 : Deletion of ADMIN group should not be possible

  • OC-1702 : Upgrade to last version of chart.js