1. Features

  • Administration :

    • OC-1695 : Add authorized ip address settings in user administration screen

    • OC-1697 & OC-1699 : Add an admin screen to see open subscriptions

  • User card :

    • OC-1723 : Check that Lttd is not before start date and not after endDate

    • OC-1740 : Use entity description attribute for recipient list in user card as an option

  • Misc :

    • OC-1633 : Add the option to filter notifications that has already been answered by user own entity

    • OC-1672 : Reload the UI configuration when bundles change

    • OC-1741 : Remove detail card view when card is deleted

2. Bugs

  • OC-1711 : Clicking on a link to a third application from a card in modal shall close the modal

  • OC-1712 : Screen adjustement for archives screen when resolution smaller than 1920*1080

  • OC-1713 : Screen adjustement for logging screen when resolution smaller than 1920*1080

  • OC-1722 : Response to card example IT incident is not confirmed

  • OC-1728 : Acknowledging all cards shouldn’t change their read status

  • OC-1716 : Adjustement to view for mobile phone when language is set to French

  • OC-1736 : Correct bug when child card is received before parent card

  • OC-1714 : Invalid group from token shall not prevent to start application

  • OC-1721 : When getting entities from token, it shall take into account groups of entities configured in mongo

  • OC-1738 : Parent card data not available in child card when using Kafka

3. Tasks

  • OC-1729 : Removing push_card_loop script (use instead scripts provided in ./src/test/resources)

  • OC-1730 : Fixing baseUrls in swagger for documentation

  • OC-1701 : Set indexes in mongoDB

  • OC-1737 : Do not freeze the UI when loading a lot of cards

  • OC-1743 : Add cypress tests for acknowledgment feature

  • OC-1663 : Removing Ribbon and updating Spring Boot to 2.4.6

Please see the migration guide regarding the configuration of a new mandatory deployment property.