1. Status of actions from previous TSC meeting

  • No pending actions.

  • Voted features have been implemented and released.

2. Roadmap Update

@FDI: Schedule a presentation about dynamic scopes when we the requirements are better defined on our side.

3. Setting up two-factor auth

  • Already used in Alliander as well.

  • Didn’t it become a global GitHub policy recently ? @AGU Check

  • What happens for people outside the organization and with no 2-factor auth that want to submit an issue ? @AGU Check

4. Cyber-security

  • Setting up two-factor auth is the last of the actions recommended by the audit

  • We keep working on this topic (through the CII badge requirements for example)

  • Cyber-security training

5. Next TSC

  • Next TSC in January (cancel the one scheduled on 23/12/21)

  • Request from Alliander to move the meeting (avoid Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon) ⇒ Thursday 9:30 to 10:30? @AGU Check with BDO, cancel invite and reschedule.