Gerben Danen (Alliander), Jeroen Gommans (Alliander), Frédéric Didier (RTE), Boris Dolley (RTE), Valérie Longa (RTE), Olivier Pigeon (RTE), Guillaume Trimbach (RTE) , Cesar Clause (RTE-i)

1. Presentation of main features introduce by release 3.4.0 / 3.5.0

  • "Timeline following time" feature improvements

  • Dynamic perimeter

  • New Real Time Users screen

  • Remove timezone management

  • Remote logging feature

  • Usercard template interaction improvements

2. Main future evolutions

3. Github discussions

TSC confirm it is not needed, an issue will be created to remove the feature.

TSC confirm the issue is no longer revelant

4. Potential features proposed by Alliander

Have the possibility to include external component in the UI (For example using Micro Frontend : Nothing to report since the last meeting

5. Misc

Exchanged on internal use cases between TSC member during the meeting.

6. Next TSC meeting

Next TSC meeting is schedule on April 21th, 2022 , 09:30 am