Cesar Clause (RTE-i), Gerben Danen (Alliander), Frédéric Didier (RTE), Boris Dolley (RTE), Jeroen Gommans (Alliander), Lisa Hazenoot (Alliander) Jelte Leijenaar (Alliander), Floris van der Meulen (Alliander), Olivier Pigeon (RTE), Guillaume Trimbach(RTE), Olivier Voron (RTE-i)

1. Presentation of main features introduce by release 3.7.0

  • Grouping cards in feed

  • New option to consider acknowledgment at the entity level. Please see the documentation about acknowledgment for more information.

  • Add already connected users in activity area screen

2. Dev tools

Prettier is now mandatory to format js, ts, css and scss code.

A pull request will be made to format all existing code.

3. Potential features proposed by Alliander

  • Introduce geographical maps (Demonstration of a first implementation done during the meeting)

  • Have the possibility to include external component in the UI (For example using Micro Frontend :

4. Roadmap and priorities

First list of features proposed for roadmap :

  • Enhancement of existing features (sound notifications, timeline, administration screen, smart notifications…​)

  • Mail/SMS notifications : sending the card or a link to the card via mail/SMS.

  • Dynamic scope of responsibilities for operators in realtime

  • Advanced agenda feature

  • Conference call automatic creation

  • Provide custom style / look and feel for end user (permit the user to define his specific ui style)

  • Traceability of user actions (business and cyber-security needs )

  • Advance reminder feature (Conditional reminder , user define reminder )

  • Add settings profiles :

  • Substation diagram and network view integration (in coordination with the [GridSuite]( project )

  • Geographical view integration

  • Multi-instance

  • Availability on mobile devices

A specific meeting will be schedule to work on this topic.

5. Communication (webinar …​. )

Subject to be address on a specific meeting.

6. Next TSC meeting

Next TSC meeting is schedule on the 15th of June at 9 am