Clement Bouvier-Neveu (RTE), Gerben Danen (Alliander), Frédéric Didier (RTE), Boris Dolley (RTE), Giovanni Ferrari (SoftLab), Jeroen Gommans (Alliander),Liza Hazenoot (Alliander), Valérie Longa(RTE) Olivier Voron (RTE-i)

1. Connection supervisor

External module for user connection supervision is now available :

2. MongoDB - Keycloak

MongoDB and Keycloak evolutions have major version available, we do need to think of upgrading but it is not urgent.

3. R&D

RTE R&D is working with other companies on a future UI for control rooms (, screenshots were presented during the meeting. An implementation was made as a demonstration based on the operator-fabric code.

4. Next TSC

The next TSC meeting is schedule for 9 February at 9 am.