1. Proposed Agenda

1.1. TSC frequency and topics

Basis for discussion:
  • Sprint retros

  • Demonstration

  • Decisions regarding major new features / breaking changes

  • Discuss UI mockups

1.2. Current works

1.2.1. Card Routing

  1. Perimeters should now be applied for all cards ⇒ Major change, TSC vote needed

1.2.2. Becoming an industrial project

  1. Focus on security

    • Automatic dependency updates

    • LFX Security Scan

    • Security alerts (logged as issues)

  2. Automated testing

    • Karate

    • Cypress

  3. Core Infrastructure Initiative Best Practices

1.2.3. Transparency

What can we do to make the project more transparent and more attractive?

  1. Short term

    • Move technical discussions (in preparation of TSC votes for example) to GitHub Discussions (rather than email)

    • Log bugs and feature requests (from RTE-I for example) to GitHub Issues

    • Other ideas?

  2. Later

    • Move issues (documenting what’s actually implemented) from JIRA to GitHub issues as well

    • Other ideas?

1.3. Proposition of topics for next TSC

2. Minutes


Gerben Danen (Alliander), Jeroen Gommans (Alliander), Nikko Rinen (Alliander), Frédéric Didier (RTE), Boris Dolley (RTE), Benoît Jeanson (RTE), Alexandra Guironnet (RTE), Guillaume Trimbach (RTE)

2.1. TSC frequency and topics

We all agreed that the TSC should now take place monthly in order to be more transparent, and to give us the opportunity to vote on important issues quickly. However, we agreed to start this from September, so the TSC meetings for July and August are cancelled.

An email with the proposed agenda will be sent to the TSC mailing list in advance of the meeting, and one with the minutes after the meeting. The agenda and minutes will be available on the TSC page of the OperatorFabric website.

TODO @AGU: Cancel invitations

The proposed topics (see above) are of interest, no other proposed recurring topics so far.

TODO @AGU: Check if anyone can write back to the TSC mailing list to propose other topics.

Some of the technical discussions we (Alliander/RTE) have had as ad-hoc meetings in the past could take place during the TSC.

2.2. Current works

2.2.1. Card Routing

In order for the card routing process to be more consistent, perimeters need to be taken into account even if the card is sent using GroupRecipients or UserRecipients, which is a breaking change from the current behaviour.

VOTE After discussion, all TSC voting members (JGO on behalf of FvdM) agree with that new behaviour.

See issue OC-1683 for implementation details.

2.2.2. Becoming an industrial project

(Very) quick presentation of the topics described above.

Alliander is using Cypress as well ⇒ maybe we can share on this topic.

Subject of dynamic testing (blocking us for best practices badge) ⇒ discuss Zaproxy with GDA

2.2.3. Transparency

Issue tracking and discussions

Even if the JIRA is technically open, it’s not used outside of the core project team as you need to create an account. In addition, it is not indexed by search engines the way GitHub issues and discussions are, so it’s not easily discoverable.

Moving from JIRA & emails to GitHub issues and discussions is not a problem for Alliander. It might actually make things easier for current (and new) contributors as they will be able to use their GitHub accounts.

Now we need to decide when and how to move from JIRA to GitHub issues (all at once or sprint by sprint). See StackOverflow posts on ways to automate it.

TODO @AGU: Investigate and schedule the move

Live discussions

In addition to our issue tracking, we also need to have a communication channel for quick, informal and non-persistent communication (e.g. "Something we just merged into develop requires this configuration to start").

So far, this type of information is communicated on the team’s Slack channel and usually by email to Alliander contributors.

BJE suggested making our team Slack channel public and moving it to the LFEnergy Slack platform in order to make it more visible for people joining LFEnergy.

Maybe it would be better (if the LFE allows it) to have 2 channels so "announcement" messages like the above example, that are still meaningful for the next few days, don’t get drowned out in more "mundane" stuff like "sorry I’ll be late for the daily meeting".

TODO @AGU: Request the creation of the Slack channel(s) on the LFEnergy Slack and invite everyone.

2.3. Possible topics for next TSC

  • Minimal testing setup for the Kafka connection (ideally automated)

  • NRI mentioned in closing that he saw parallel with other projects, maybe that’s something that we can discuss further in our next meeting?

  • Experience with Cypress tests